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The OFA's Companion Animal Eye Registry (CAER) program is a joint effort between the OFA and the ACVO to provide canine eye health screenings and eye certifications.  With the ACVO/OFA partnership begiing in 2013,  the OFA database is unquestionably the most complete resource of canine health screening results in the world.  These screenings provide responsible breeders information to help them make more informed breeding decisions in an effort to reduce the incidence of inherited disease.

Exams - Exams are conducted by qualified ACVO Diplomates assessing dogs for the presence or absence of observable hereditary eye disease.

Forms and Number – Please contact the OFA directly for updated forms and your OFA number. OFA numbers are assigned in the fall when a new Diplomate is boarded, ACVO does not establish nor track this number.

Statistical Data Collection – Regardless of whether the owner opts to register eye exam results with the OFA, the examining ophthalmologist is asked to submit the results for statistical purposes to monitor disease prevalence and progression at the breed level. Working with the ACVO Genetics Committee, the OFA will make aggregate statistics available to ACVO Diplomates, breed clubs, and the public.

In addition to the new Eye Certification Registry (ECR), the OFA is working with the ACVO to establish a new Clinical Database of Ophthalmic Diagnoses (CDOD). Recognizing that the ECR represents a biased population of primarily normal dogs, the CDOD will capture additional data regarding disease prevalence for those dogs presenting to private and institutional practices for reasons other than a certification exam. Together, the OFA’s new ECR and CDOD will be important tools to monitor canine inherited eye conditions and reduce their incidence.

As a not-for-profit organization, a portion of the proceeds from all OFA eye registrations will be donated to the ACVO Vision for Animals Foundation to support research leading to the elimination of ocular diseases causing vision loss and suffering in animals. In keeping with the OFA’s existing policy to support canine health research grants, these donations will be in addition to grants supported through the AKC Canine Health Foundation and the Morris Animal Foundation.

Breeders should refer directly to the OFA website for questions.

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