Please note that ABVO's Examination, Credentials, Residency, Maintenance of Certification and Appeals Committees are now located under the American Board of Veterinary Ophthalmologists.



D. Whitley, 10-19
B. Miller, 15-19, (Alternate)


D. Maggs, 18-20, Chair
M. Davidson, 18-20, (Past Chair)
S. Thomasy, 18-22
G. McLellan, 18-20
T. Miller-Michau, 18-19
D. Binder, 18-20
J. Oliver, 18-20 (ECVO)


T. Gibson, 16-19, Chair
K. Corcoran, 16-20
S. Boveland, 18-21
E. Smith, 19-22
T. Miller, 19-22


A. King, 17-20, Chair
J. Huey, 18-21, Co-Chair
R. Carter, 16-19, (Past Chair)
H. Westermeyer, 16-19
K. Barrie, 17-20
C. Martin, 18-21
K. Fentiman, 19-21
E. Sharpe, 19-21
S. Peterson-Jones, 19
K. Diehl, (OFA Liaison)
G. Aguirre, (Advisory)
I. Allgoewer, (Advisory)


L. Vallone, 17-20, Chair
C. Betbeze, 16-19, (Past Chair)
D. Whitley, 09-19, (ABVS Liaison)
P. Moore, 16-19
J. Sheahan, 17-20
M. Church, 18-21
E. Sharpe, 19-22
K. Pierce, 19-22


J. Cho, 18-20, Chair
R. Hamor, 17-19, (Past Chair)
B. Skorobohach, 18-22


Members convened as needed.

PROGRAM - 2020

D. Bras, 18-20, Chair
W. Townsend, 17-19 (Past Chair)
A. Gemensky-Metzler, 19-21


D. Haeussler, 20-22, Chair
C. Mosunic, 20-22, Co-Chair B. Martins, 19-21
E. Conway, 19-21
K. Fischer, 19-21
K. Gronkiewicz, 19-21
E. Lutz, 19-21
J. Bowersox, 17-22
N. Bromberg, 17-19, (Advisory)


D. Wilkie, Editor-in-Chief, 03-Present
C. Colitz, 05-20   
B. Gilger, 05-21
T. Kern, 06-21
S. Petersen-Jones, 06-21
P. Miller, 06-21
CT. Lin, 08-20
A. Van der Woerdt, 08-20   
A. Komaromy, 08-22
W. Beltran, 10-21
G. McLellan, 10-22
R. Sanchez, 10-20
P. Rajala-Schultz, 10-20
E. Hampson, 12-20
B. Ekesten, 12-20   
W. Townsend, 14-22
G. Ben-Shlomo, 14-22
R. Hamor, 14-22
M. Lassaline Utter, 14-22
E. Ledbetter, 14-22
A. Clode, 14-22
M. Davidson, 14-19
P. Labelle, 14-21
H. Chandler, 14-21
T. Haegawa, 14-20
S. Kindler, 17-21
S. Pot, 19-22
J. Meekins, 19-22

ACVO Committees, Descriptions & Purpose


Organizes all course logistics, speakers and the general program for the biennial course which takes place on even years. The course content and oversight is provided by the Committee and reported to the BOR, but is not directly managed by the ACVO nor its staff.


The mission of the Ethics Committee is to set the standards for and help maintain the ethical behavior of the membership of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists.  The Ethics Committee shall be responsible for, but not limited to, a) reviewing and processing complaints concerning ACVO members, b) recommending disciplinary actions due to violations of the term “specialist” or the like and/or ACVO or ABVO trademark violations, and c) performing its duties as requested by the BOR. 


The purpose of the Genetics Committee is to act as a scientific advisory panel providing guidelines regarding presumed inherited ocular disorders in dogs and to serve as a resource to the profession and the public on issues concerning canine genetic eye diseases. To accomplish this purpose, the committee is responsible for publishing a document that summarizes ocular conditions presumed to be hereditary in dogs. This document, called The Blue Book or ‘Ocular Disorders Presumed To Be Inherited in Purebred Dogs’, is regularly updated as new information – such as breed statistics from OFA examinations, peer-reviewed literature, and new genetic tests – becomes available. The term of service for members on this committee is three years.


The ACVO Governance Committee reviews and oversees proposed changes in the ACVO Constitution and Bylaws as directed by the ACVO Board of Regents. It also reviews policies and procedures from the various ACVO standing committees as directed by the ACVO Board or of the Regents. It reports findings and recommendations regarding bylaws, policies, and procedures to the ACVO BOR.    


Members of the Editorial Board (EBM) will serve a three-year renewable term. The Journal is published online and submissions are received continuously. EBM’s will be assigned manuscripts, generally in their area of expertise, and are then expected to assign ≥2 qualified reviewers for each manuscript. Once the required number of reviews have been returned, the EBM reviews them and decides to accept the recommendations or to seek additional reviews. Once the EBM is satisfied with the scientific reviews, they make a recommendation to the Editor-in-Chief as to the manuscript decision. All submissions, reviews, and decisions occur online and digitally.


Studies leadership needs at the ACVO, coordinates calls for nomination, reviews nominations and qualifications, and develops 'slate of officers' for election to leadership positions.


Develops continuing education programs for the ACVO. Evaluates papers for presentation, speakers, speaker organization and topics for the annual conference. Reviews and promotes policies regarding registration fees, exhibitors, etc., and organizes special education programs such as wet labs. Evaluates the continuing education needs of ACVO Members.


The mission of the ACVO Public Relations committee is to promote a positive and accurate appreciation of veterinary ophthalmologists and ACVO membership to the public, referring veterinarians, and Diplomates. The committee meets at the ACVO conference and throughout the year remotely to ensure that promotional materials, media, and programs remain current and reflect the interests of the membership. The committee term is three years.


ACVO will issue a formal call for committee volunteers annually in the fall, but you are encouraged to submit a form of interest throughout the year. The Board recommends that anyone interested in serving on a committee also contact the committee chair regarding your interest AND complete and submit the form on this page annually.

When contacting a committee chair regarding your interest, be sure to communicate your background, experience or any skills that you would bring to the table if serving on that committee. It is the chair's charge to recommend the most qualified and diversified committee members possible to the BOR for approval, understanding your applicable skills and experience would be beneficial.

Please note that only 1-2 positions become vacant annually on each committee, but repeated reminders of your interest via the form and annual chair communications increases chances of selection. Thank you for your interest, willingness and dedication to the profession and the ACVO. Please contact the Executive Director or the committee chairperson with any questions.