Classified Ads/ Newsletter Ad - Blog Post Policy

To place a classified ad for a job listing, item for sale, practice for sale, or other opportunity please adhere to the following procedures. Use the submission form at the bottom of this page to issue payment, place text and provide an optional graphic. This form is to be used for both free member ads and non-member paid ads.


1)  If an ACVO member currently works full-time at the same location seeking an employee, the clinic will qualify for a complimentary 3-month posting.

2)  Members must also comply with the below listed submission procedures 1-5.

3)  The duration of member ads will be three months. Renewals must be re-submitted after each three-month duration interval. Past ad text will be deleted.

4)  If a current ACVO member does not work full-time at the advertised clinic, the ad will be processed as a non-member.



1)  The submission form will include all contact and payment information. Ad text and graphic will also be attached. Ad text will be published online “as is” and viewable by both members and non-members alike.

2)  ACVO will not review or edit the ad text.

3)  Republish fee – once posted, a $50 fee will be charged to upload an edit or re-publish an ad, for both members and non-members.

4)  There are no length limitations for website ads.

5)  One optional image or logo file may be attached, it must not exceed 5 MBS.

6)  Payment will need to be received and processed via this form, prior to posting the ad. Payment does not guarantee ad approval.

7)  Ad duration – One-month or three-month placements. Renewals must be re-submitted after the end of each duration interval. Past ads will be deleted.

8)  Pricing $250 for one-month, OR 10% discounted rate of $675 for a three-month, pre-paid publication. No refunds if position is filled within this time.

9) No refunds once your ad has been published.

10) New ads may be posted on any date. Allow five business days for ad placement.