ACVO will issue a formal call for committee volunteers annually in the fall, but you are encouraged to submit an interest form throughout the year. The Board recommends that anyone interested in serving on a committee also contact the committee chair regarding your interest AND complete and submit the form on this page annually.

When contacting a committee chair regarding your interest, be sure to communicate your background, experience or any skills that you would bring to the table if serving on that committee. It is the chair's charge to recommend the most qualified and diversified committee members possible to the BOR for approval, understanding your applicable skills and experience would be beneficial.

Please note that only 1-2 positions become vacant annually on each committee, but repeated reminders of your interest via the form and annual chair communications increases chances of selection. Thank you for your interest, willingness and dedication to the profession and the ACVO. Please contact the Executive Director or the committee chairperson with any questions.