Ophthalmology for Animals is in the process of having a residency approved by the ABVO

Ophthalmology for Animals is in the process of having a residency approved by the ABVO. The residency program is a three year group residency program based in Aptos California. Aptos is sandwiched between Coastal Redwoods and the Monterey Bay marine sanctuary in Northern California, a 40 mile drive to Silicon Valley. The applicant should be California boarded and have participated in a large and/or small animal internship program or clinical practice. We are a value driven practice and are looking for proven qualities of team work, connection with clients and staff, honesty, communication skills and hard work while honoring a fear free hospital environment for our patients.

The applicant will participate in an organized consortium of ophthalmology professionals and trainees from around the world once weekly designed to full fill didactic requirements for your residency, prepare you for boards and most importantly to craft you into an excellent clinical ophthalmologist. There are four primary supervising mentors and three associate mentors that will help you develop these skills.

To fulfill residency requirements, 100 clinical days must be performed with a secondary advisor or associate mentor. This means travel to another practice that may be 30 miles away, 120 miles aways or a plane flight away to another state. Travel fees and living arrangements will be made. Equine work is ambulatory thus the applicant must be prepared to drive. This is a contracted position with a requirement to remain as an associate for 3 years after boarded. We will be entertaining applicants pending approval. Please contact anngratzek@gmail.com.


Sally Henry