American Board of Veterinary Ophthalmology

The board-certification arm of the ACVO.


ACVO Annual Conference

15-20 Continuing education credits, 1,000 attendees, trade show, masters courses, residency netowrking, career fair...

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ACVO/StokesRx National Service Animal Eye Exam Event

ACVO's free eye exams for Service Animals. Eleven years of continuous volunteer philanthropy from our members. Exams annually in April.


ACVO Public Site

ACVO's original 'brochure site' for the general public and referring veterinarians. Locate ophthalmologists, learn about programs.


ACVO Vision for Animals Foundation

ACVO's Foundation arm. A Separate non-profit that seeks to, "preserve the quality of live of animals by preserving and restoring their vision trhough education and science."


Veterinary Ophthalmology (VOPH-L) and ACVO Member (ACVO-L) List Serve Guidelines

Please review and follow posting rules and etiquette for participation in the VOPH-L and ACVO-L list serve. Participation on the lists is by ACVO's permission, repeated abuse of theses guidelines may result in withdrawal of list serve privileges for the offending individual.

What the list serve should provide

  • Opportunities to benefit from the collective wisdom of the group.
  • A chance to share commonly valuable information inexpensively and quickly (e.g. Information on conference or regional meeting times and locations).

What the list serve should refrain from

  • Items whose principle premise is to promote an event which does not have a veterinary ophthalmology related component.
  • Items that principally involve communications that are germane to just a few people.
  • Items that essentially lobby fellow list serve members on an issue being debated within the veterinary profession.
  • Anything that involves subjects of an anti-trust nature.
  • Messages that contain information that is abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, profane, discriminatory, political or otherwise inappropriate that could be offensive to one or more members.

List serve replies

  • Reply to the list serve when the information being shared is something everyone can potentially benefit from (e.g. How you or your organization handles an issue which was posted as a question).
  • Reply only to the individual asking the question when the response is confidential, has application to only the person asking, and/or is seeking to determine individual attendance at a function.
  • When posting on the list serve please include an auto signature with the message or otherwise make sure your email address follows your name.

List serve etiquette

  • User agrees to refrain from posting information and/or participating in online discussions having antitrust implications, and that may lead to, whether expressed or implied, price fixing, boycotting of any industry, company or business, or any other conduct intended to illegally restrict free trade. Discussion of specific prices or fees that could lead to price fixing is prohibited.
  • User agrees to refrain from posting information and/or participating in online discussions that are, or could be, considered a breach of ethics.
  • Please note that when users select the "Reply" button on an email, the response goes to EVERYONE on that list serve. To respond to an individual, place his/her email address in the "To" box.
  • Be professional at all times. As we all know, there are many ways to solve the same problem. We must all be able to “agree to disagree” without attacking anyone or anything on the list serve. If someone feels a professional or ethical line has been crossed, there are appropriate arenas to resolve that conflict, but it is NOT the list serve. Repeated abuse of the list serve guidelines may result in withdrawal of list serve privileges for the offending individual. 

List serve confidentiality

  • Please do not forward list serve content to non-members without the permission of the original sender.
  • The list serve is “private” meaning that subscriptions have to be entered manually. This gives ACVO control over who is on the list. VOPH-L is open to: ACVO or ECVO diplomates, ACVO or ECVO residents or Ophthalmologists in other countries with training similar to ours and residents of these ophthalmologists. ACVO-L is open to ACVO Members only.
  • The list serve is “confidential” meaning that the lists do not show up on the list of list serve lists published by the University of Georgia. The University of Georgia is the “host” of our list serve.
  • List serve users need to be careful what is stated on the list serve even though it is considered “private and confidential”. There is nothing that can prevent a user from violating list serve etiquette and forwarding a posted email to a non-member; although such violations, if traceable, could lead to withdrawal of list serve privileges for the offending member.
  • If a member feels that someone has access to the list serve without proper credentials, please contact the administrator, Dr. Ralph Hamor (hamor@ufl.edu).