MedVet is seeking an Ophthalmologist in Salt Lake City


WestVet- Northern Utah, a MedVet partner, is looking for an Ophthalmologist (board-certified or residency trained) to join the team in Sunset, Utah.

Why Salt Lake City?

Utah’s national parks provide a vast playground for mountain biking, hiking, adventure sports, snowshoeing and skiing. The beautiful city of Salt Lake, population 200,000, offers nine ski resorts with near perfect snow within an hour’s drive and mountains that never fail to impress. With a healthy business climate, low unemployment rates, diverse neighborhoods, quality educational opportunities, and numerous cultural and arts festivals, there is something for every family member in the Salt Lake City area.

Why MedVet?

We are a group of 22 employee- owned and veterinary-led Emergency and Multi-specialty hospitals.  In addition to an excellent benefits and compensation package, each doctor is afforded the opportunity to become a shareholder in our organization. Our mission to “Lead Specialty Healthcare for Pets” is exemplified by our dedication to providing both outstanding patient care and a remarkable employee experience.

Please submit CV to:

Barbara A. Lightner

Director, Medical Recruiting

Mobile: 614-506-6288

All candidates must complete an acceptable background check, including references and a pre-employment drug test.

Amanda Brown