Animal Eye Consultants of Iowa is Seeking an Ophthalmologist in Cedar Rapids, IA

Animal Eye Consultants of Iowa is pleased to announce our search for an additional ophthalmologist. We are looking for a board certified ophthalmologist or residency trained individual to join our team. The applicant should have a good sense of humor – if you are one of these overly serious people, our place will probably not be the best place to work! 

Animal Eye Consultants of Iowa operates from 2 locations in Iowa (Cedar Rapids and Bettendorf), and the additional location is in Fargo, North Dakota). Each location is equipped with all standard ophthalmology medical and surgical equipment (including endolaser units, crosslinking units, and high-frequency ultrasound systems). Cedar Rapids service is equipped with a complete retinal surgery set up. All locations have Bausch and Lomb Millenium units. Cedar Rapids hospital has an in-house pathology service with anatomic pathologist on board. 

We do not have sunny coasts of California, or vibrant urban communities of the NY City, but do have honest and hard-working Iowans and Dakotans as clients, who will drive hours through blizzard conditions to come and see you, and will always appreciate whatever you can do to help their pets. Our neighborhoods are safe, schools are among the best in the country and universities are of excellent quality and affordable. You will not have to work your back off to afford a decent house to live in Iowa. Our winters are cold and summers are hot and humid. This is the reason why we will request from any additional ophthalmologist joining our team to take 2 weeks of paid vacation during the winter time and 2 weeks of paid vacation during the summer time. 

We regularly have visitors from all over the world, who come to learn new things or teach us new things. They are of different nationalities, the color of skin, and different cultural background. If you think that you will enjoy this type of environment, our hospital is the right place for you! We have lots of friends and colleagues all over the world, and this may be an excellent opportunity for you to visit different continents and countries every year, should you wish to pursue some of educational and research activities that we are involved with. 

We do have a lot of research collaborations with many universities, biotech industry and private practices, so if you have a research mind, our hospital will be a great place to further nourish your skills and publish. We do have contracted academic writer who will help you with writing if that is something that you have been struggling with. We strongly believe that without strong research, there is no advancement in the quality of medical and surgical care that we provide to our patients. If you are more of the “I want to cut cataracts only” gal/guy, that is fine as well. 

Our caseload is not heavy, and we do see predominantly dogs and cats. If you have equine interests, that can be arranged as well, but you will have to pledge to chase owners to pay their bills – I got tired of doing that. If you are in exotic animal species, we do see some, but no snakes, fish, spiders and all other weird things that people call a companion pet these days. People in Iowa are generally down to earth when it comes to choices of their pets. 

We have a generous benefits package including fully paid medical, dental, and vision insurance,retirement plan, CE budget, coverage of all ACVO and AVMA dues, liability insurance, and DEA licensure. If you have a pet, and it needs medical care or surgery, everything is free with exception of medications and consumable supplies. 

If you find this advertisement of interest please contact Dr Sinisa Grozdanic at or 515-291-5097

Amanda Brown